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Yoco JY 106T Automatic Diecutting and Foil Stamping Machine

Technical data
Maximum sheet size 1060×750mm
Minimum sheet size 450×380mm
Maximum cutting size 1040×720mm
Maximum stamping size 1040×730mm
Inside chase 1120×760mm
Minimum gripper margin 8mm
Maximum pressure 300 tons
Sheet thickness 80g/mup to 5mm B flute corrugated paper
Maximum Diecutting speed 7500 sheets/hour
Maximum Stamping speed 6000 sheets/hour
Heating zone 12 zones, 20 zones (optional)
Foil feeding devices 3 longitudinal   2 transversal

*Vertical and horizontal format are available for longitudinal foil feeding unit

Maximum foil roll (diameter) Longitudinal foil feeding in 2 formats:

a/ horizontal 250mm

b/ vertical 230mm,optional one big shaft for 330mm

Max. pile height at feeder 1600mm
Max. pile height at delivery 1350mm
Total power 60kw
Dimension L5910×W4262×H2590mm
Weight 18.5 tons



The 2-directional foil feeding system, firstly introduced by YOCO, makes it possible to stamp the foils in longitudinal and transversal direction at the same time, this helps greatly in saving waste foils as well as the time to change foil. Some products can even be finished at ONE GO.

Every customer is unique. YOCO can tailor-made professional solution for you, whatever your circumstances. Our design is highly flexible, an easy mix and match can provide you the optimal production solution.

  • This is our standard type of foil stamping machine with patent design (patent no. 201120267248.6)
  • The foil holders can be slided out so the operator can install the foil outside the machine easily
  • The adjustment of the pressing roller and foil feeding are very easy. The room is bigger so the operator does not need to climb up on the machine to adjust the roller.
  • All pressing rollers are designed with constant pressure so the foil is not easy to break
  • The waste foil will be transported by 450 angle bar, waste foil can be collected by outside rewinding unit

  • There are 2 formats of the alignment of foil roller
  • Horizontal format is the standard design, with hot stamping function

  • Allows operator stands inside the machine to adjust the pressing unit and foil feeding
  • The foil holder can be slided out so the operator can install the foil outside the machine easily
  • With all in one compact design, the foil control electronic cabinet and rewinding unit are all inside the machine.  The machine is user friendly and space saving, can handle maximum foil size 230mm
  • The foil rewinding and foil unwinding are all inside the machine with the shortest straight line transport distance so the foil is not easy to break


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